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Our Vision

We are a partnership of Catholic schools in West London journeying together in faith. 

The story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus resonates with all of us; each of us encounters people that are known and those who are anonymous to us. Such encounters help us to discover hearts of hope, eyes to see and ears to listen as we learn to live in solidarity with others.

Just as the three walking along the road are on their own pilgrimage, as Christians today we too are on an accompanying journey with our sisters and brothers worldwide in order to listen to their hopes and disillusionment, to understand their sorrows, to reawaken passion in their hearts, to heal and to restore the brokenness of humanity and work in solidarity with all. 

Jesus’ presence on the road to Emmaus challenges us to consider our own presence in the world today and who we chose to walk hand in hand with in following in his footsteps and ensuring his presence in the world today.

The Emmaus Catholic school partnership will seek to be that presence of Jesus in the world and be instrumental in how we seek to support, guide and enrich the lives of our students and growth of our staff. At the very heart of the partnership will be the focus of our faith as a driver for excellence, enabling risk taking, sharing the gifts and talents, skills and resources across our schools.  


The partnership will work together to articulate the gospel values that underpin our schools’ ethos, ambitious goals for personal growth and development of staff and students and innovative approaches to learning whilst recognising the dignity of the human person, especially those who are disadvantaged and marginalised.


Working collaboratively the partnership will make use of a range of resources to establish an annual programme of events and enrichment opportunities for students across all four school, and a series of training and development opportunities for staff including a focus on Catholic leadership.


We therefore commit ourselves:


  • To journey together in faith, drawing on our common Christian heritage and the distinctive charisms of our founders and communities

  • To bear witness to and draw our strength from the life-giving Word of God and the sacramental life of the Church

  • To be always open to new challenges and insights

  • To be unrelenting in the search for truth and the discernment of Christ’s will for us

  • To place ourselves as Catholic educators at the service of the Church’s mission, especially in the formation of young active Christian adults as servant-leaders in their communities

  • To work for social justice and the Common Good locally, nationally and internationally

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